Edward Troye

Edward Troye (Swiss/American, 1808-1874)


Oil on canvas, 12” x 16 1⁄2”

Signed and dated: E. Troye March, 1865

$10,000. – 15,000.


Painted for R. A. Alexander

by family decent

With Kennedy Galleries, New York

Present Owner


The Race Horses of America, Alexander MacKay Smith, pg. 226

The Race Horses of America:

“In March 1865, Mr. Alexander had apparently run out of horses of his own for Troye to paint. Instead he asked him to copy the famous 1770 portrait of Eclipse by George Stubbs, the greatest master of the British School of Sporting Painting, now in the possession of the British Jockey Club at Newmarket. As an avowed disciple of Stubbs this must have been a particularly pleasing commission…Troye also painted a smaller version of the horse only, 12 x 16 ½ inches.” 

The current offering is the smaller version of the Eclipse painting with “the horse only, 12 x 16 ½ inches” that MacKay Smith refers to on pg. 226. MacKay Smith notes on pg. 7 in The Race Horses of America that in Troye’s statement of 1857 (referring to a brochure from an exhibition on Troye’s Paintings of the Holy Land) that: “he commenced his profession as an animal painter after the style of Stubbs and Sartorious.” While Troye may have begun his career after the style of Stubbs, by 1865 he had certainly developed a style that was all his own. However, in the present work, Troye remains faithful to Stubbs’ original depiction of the great Eclipse.

Estimate: $10,000 - $15,000

Final Sale Price: