Peter Biegel

Peter Biegel (British, 1913-1989)


Oil on canvas, 30” x 40”

Signed, dated 1953

$9,000. – 12,000.

Founded in 1666 as Black Eagle Brewery, Truman’s later came under the ownership of Benjamin Truman, who led the brewery to new heights. By 1737 Truman’s was the brewery of the Royal family, its beverage served to celebratethe birth of the Duchess of Brunswick. The Prince of Wales ordered a celebratory bonfire built in front of Carlton House with four barrels of beer placed around for those wishing to partake. Some of the mob pronounced the beer to be of inferior quality, leading to people throwing beer in each other’s faces and the barrels into the fire. The prince ordered another bonfire the following night and four more barrels from the brewery, this time pleasing the crowd.

By the later 1800s, Truman’s was the world’s largest brewery but when the mid-1900s arrived, the brewery faltered before shutting its doors in 1989. The brand has since been revived.

Estimate: $9,000 - $12,000

Final Sale Price: