Peter Biegel

Peter Biegel (British, 1913-1989)



Oil on canvas, 20” x 30”

Signed, dated 1965

$4,000. – 6,000.


Major Harold Stanley Cayzer and Mrs. Beatrice Cayzer


Clarence Webster was a professional huntsman with the Warwickshire Hounds for 25 years. Pictured in the background are the Warwickshire Hunt Kennels and staff accommodations in Little Kineton, built in 1839. Major Harold Stanley Cayzer, an officer of the Eleventh Hussars and master of the Warwickshire Hounds, was the son of Major Harold Stanley Cayzer, Master of the Pytchley Hunt. He and his wife invited Peter Biegel to stay with them and to do several paintings for them, one of which is offered here. On the way to stay with the Cayzers, Biegel dropped his wife off where she would be staying for the next few days. Unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. Biegel both had matching suitcases and Mrs. Biegel took his by mistake. Peter Biegel didn’t discover the mistake until he was already with the Cayzers and had to wear the same clothes all three days, supposedly sleeping in his wife’s nightgown.

Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000

Final Sale Price: