Henry Faulkner (American, 1924–1981)

Henry Faulkner (American, 1924–1981) 



Oil on masonite, 20” x 16” 

Black Rastus was Henry Faulkner’s favorite cat and was probably acquired sometime around 1962 when the artist moved back to Kentucky. (He also found his famed goat Alice around this time.) His love of animals was legendary, and he always kept an eclectic flock wherever he went. One time, while returning to Kentucky from Key West, he stopped in a Miami restaurant to grab something to eat. A policeman noticed he was parked in a no parking zone, and inspecting the car found 29 cats and dogs inside. Figuring this counted as some sort of violation, the officer had the animals sent to the Humane Society and Faulkner to jail on animal cruelty charges. After being released, Faulkner vowed to unleash his wrath upon Miami and marched down to the Humane Society. After a lot of arguing with the staff there, he secured the release of his cherished pets for $93. According to a newspaper article, Faulkner promised to “visit his wrath” during his court appearance, set several weeks after the incident. What that may have entailed has been lost to history.

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