A Gentleman’s Carriage

4| Henri De Lattre (French/American, 1801-1867)

A Gentleman’s Carriage

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Oil on canvas, 26" x 36"

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$9000 - $12000

Henri DeLattre was born in St. Omer, France. Mostly self-taught, he was a prolific painter of animals and genre pictures but did not become interested in equine portraiture until his first visit to the United States in 1836. DeLattre quickly became one of the best-known equestrian artists of the era, and it is said that he received instruction from Edward Troye, America’s earliest and foremost equestrian portraiture artist. DeLattre’s paintings were published in many early American sporting publications, including The American Turf Register, The Spirit of the Times, the 1857 publication of Horses of America, and the first volume of Wallace’s American Stud Book. Perhaps DeLattre’s best-known work, which depicted the match race between famous trotters Mac and Zachary Taylor, was published by famed printmakers Currier and Ives. DeLattre was often commissioned by wealthy patrons to produce a portrait to immortalize their favorite horses or other livestock. The painting on offer is a prime example of both the subject matter and composition that characterize much of DeLattre’s work. There is a record of this painting in the Art Inventory Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museums: control number IAP 80044585.


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