13| Harry Hall (British, 1814-1882)

A Trainer Holding A Bay Racehorse, Jockey Up At Newmarket

Auction Expired

Signed & dated 1849

Oil on canvas, 28" x 36"

$5000. - $7000.

This piece, executed by the artist in 1849, is believed to be a portrait of Mr. B. Green?s Flatcatcher, with trainer Henry Stebbing. Green?s winner, a Touchstone colt, was a formidable opponent on the track, taking the 2000 Guineas, the Dee Stakes at Chester, and the St. Leger Stakes at Liverpool as a 3-year-old. After he returned the following year to win the Port Stakes, Newmarket, and the Queen?s Plates at Chester and Shrewsbury, a portrait of the racer and his trainer was presumably commissioned to commemorate his achievements on the turf.


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