150| LeRoy Neiman (American, 1921-2012)

Ascot Jockey

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Signed, dated ’65, inscribed en verso

Oil on board, 28" x 20"

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$40000. - $60000.

Provenance: Hammer Galleries, New York

Neiman first experienced the pomp and circumstance of Royal Ascot while completing a six- month European tour for his running feature in Playboy magazine, ?Man at His Leisure? in 1960. At England?s greatest meet of the year, fashion and racing come together, and decorum above all things comes first. Top hats, always removed in the presence of Her Majesty, and cutaway coats complement the liberal seasoning of coiffures, hats, frills, and other extravagant regalia. The ?My Fair Lady? setting often appealed to, inspired, and complemented Neiman?s artistic reverence for racing. The artist could often be seen at the auspicious event year after year sketching in the paddock, dressed within the guidelines of appropriate pageantry, and recording the integrity of English racing for posterity in his catalytic style.


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