111| Walt Spitzmiller

Bonnie Prince

Oil on canvas, 24" x 36"

6000 - 9000

Signed Illustrated:Sports Illustrated, January 25, 1982, "Bonnie Price of the Flies", pages 62 and 63.Michael Begg, a producer with the BBC, found himself with the task of broadcasting Prince Charles' marriage to Diana Spencer to the world. Before the wedding he interviewed Charles at Buckingham Palace. Both were rather stiff and nervous until the Prince asked Begg about his plans after the production.When Begg mentioned a fishing trip, Prince Charles becamemore animated and opened a drawer that contained fishing tackle. He pulled out a fly from New Zealand made from the tail hairs of a red setter, or as the Prince noted, the wholedamn dog. After the royal wedding, Begg and Sports Illustratedwriter Clive Gammon took the fly on a fishing trip to Canada. They had hoped to land a trophy fish to show Charles and win a coveted invitation to fish the River Dee at Balmoral Castle.


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