Dog Studies (Set of 50)

57| Peter Biegel (British, 1913-1989)

Dog Studies (Set of 50)

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Signed with Initials and Inscribed on verso

Watercolor, gouache, 6" x 3"

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$12000 - $15000

Peter Biegel Dog Studies for Player’s Cigarette Cards

The history of cigarette cards dates to around 1875, when U.S.-based Allen & Ginter began to issue collectable cards in every pack of cigarettes. The cards usually depicted baseball players, national flags, Native American chiefs, and other popular subjects of the era. Other tobacco companies both in the United States and abroad shortly followed suit, but it was John Player & Sons, a company based in the United Kingdom, that produced one of the first general interest sets, known as “Castles and Abbeys,” in 1893.

Player’s cigarette cards became highly collected in the UK, and as their popularity and collectability grew, the company enlisted some of England’s top working artists to produce images for their cards. With the cards’ having reached peak production and popularity in the late 1950s, John Player & Sons commissioned the well-known artist Peter Biegel to produce the set of current watercolors on offer, which was released in 1955. Each watercolor is accompanied by the corresponding cigarette card which shows an image of the breed on the front of the card and text on the back of the card with general information about the breed. These 50 sketches are a rare offering indeed.


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