Ethan Allen Weathervane

47| 19th Century American

Ethan Allen Weathervane

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Copper, iron and gilding, 18" x 31"

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$2000 - $3000

Ethan Allen weathervane

This weathervane, with a molded copper body and cast-iron head, depicts Ethan Allen, one of the most famous horses of the 19th century. This example retains much of the original gilding that covered the piece, an uncommon occurrence. Ethan Allen was one of the most depicted horses of the 19th century, so determining which company produced this example might not be possible. While the firm of Cushing & White advertised in 1875 a 29-inch version for $25.00, the Westervelt catalogue of 1883 advertised a 31-inch version, the length of the example here, for $20.00. Westervelt also noted of theirs: “Our vanes are gilded with the finest gold leaf, and on copper, warranted to stand the weather in any climate, and not tarnish or corrode.”

Such was Ethan Allen’s dominance on the track he was poisoned on three different occasions to prevent him from racing. In The Horse of America, John H. Wallace wrote, “His trotting gait was recognized by the best judges and experts as probably more perfect than that of any horse of his day. Others have gone faster singly, but no one has done it in greater perfection of motion. In his great flights of speed, he was not bounding in the air, but down close to the ground with a gliding motion that steals from quarter-pole to quarter-pole with inconceivable rapidity.” In modern times his greatest influence was at stud. There is probably not a Morgan horse today that cannot trace its line back to him.


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