Fishing on the Elkhorn

191| Paul Sawyier (American, 1865-1917)

Fishing on the Elkhorn

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Oil on board, 17" x 11"

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$25000 - $35000

Bearing a signature that Sawyier used while living in Kentucky before moving to New York in 1913, this work most certainly dates to 1909-13. The majority of his oeuvre was done in watercolor. However, by 1909 he had begun experimenting in oils—with the bulk of his oils having been created after 1913 when he lived in New York—making this a rarer Kentucky-period example. The most likely location for this piece would be Elkhorn Creek, given the time period the work was painted and its focus, a favorite subject of Sawyier. A possibly original price of $25.00 is written on the back of the board in pencil. Sawyier’s oils were known to have been advertised by C.F. Brower & Co., the Lexington firm that began representing him in 1908, for anywhere from $20 to $35 dollars during his lifetime.


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