30| 19th Century American

Horse & Jockey Weather Vane

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Painted copper & zinc, 19" x 33"

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$6000. - $9000.

Most likely produced by J.W. Fiske & Company of New York City, this work depicts Dexter, one of the most famous horses of the 19th century. Fiske was the most prominent manufacturer of cast iron and zinc in the second half of the 19th century. Even for the era this was an expensive piece. Fiske?s 1893 catalog included this model for $65 compared to $20 for a model of Dexter?s rival Ethan Allen, more commonly seen today. Verdigris shows in areas where paint was lost during the weathervane?s working period. Though famed as a trotter, Dexter is portrayed without a sulky and resembles the famous Currier and Ives print ?The Celebrated Horse ?Dexter? The King of the Turf? published in 1865. By the famed Hambletonian out of Clara, Dexter was the world?s premier trotter, dominating from 1864 to 1867.


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