37| Mary Eley Gauntlett

Hyderabad Camel Corps

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Watercolor, 22" x 29"

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In March 1855 Russian forces defeated the Afghan army at Panjdeh, a village on the disputed Russian-Afghan frontier, alarming British forces and prompting the dispatch of units from the Army of India to reinforce the defenses. The Panjdeh incident, as it became known, resulted in generous donations to the war effort from the princely states of the British Indian Empire. Most notably, the Nizam of Hyderabad allocated the largest number of recruits to form the reserve force of approximately 20,000 soldiers. Each princely state was responsible for training its recruits, and many of the larger states opted to continue to maintain their traditional units in addition to those promised to the Imperial Service. The Hyderabad Camel Corps served as the Nizam of Hyderabad?s traditional unit in addition to the promised recruits and maintained their ranks until 1948, when Hyderabad was integrated into the new Indian Union.


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