Illustrations From The Blind Connemara (set of 6)

47| C.W. Anderson (American, 1891-1971)

Illustrations From The Blind Connemara (set of 6)

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Graphite, 19" x 14.5"

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A set of six illustrations by C.W. Anderson for his novel The Blind Connemara (1976, The MacMillan Company, New York, New York).

Rhonda Rides the White Connemara. Pg. 18
"Rhonda was actually going to ride the white Connemara! When she felt the light springy stride as they started, she was sure it must still be a dream."

A Horse of Her Own. Pg. 37
"She stopped to let the pony see how narrow the space was. Then she led him through, sayins 'Easy now, easy.'"

The Show Ring Again. Pg. 50
"When the Class was called, Rhonda rode into the ring and circled it once to give the pony an idea of its size."

Study for the Cover of 'The Blind Connemara.' Pg. 45
"As the time for the show approached, the white pony seemed almost to be aware of it, for his trot and canter became even smoother and more rhythmic."

The Blind Pony Jumps. Pg. 55
"She barely had time to tighten her knee grip before she let the thrust as he leaped. He was over the bar with a foot to spare."

Rhonda and the Blind Connemara. Pg. 64
"You have only to see the girl and pony together to realize that they almost live in a world of their own. The girl is the pony's eyes and he thrusts her completely."


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