52| Franklin Brooke Voss (American, 1880-1953)

Jane Fowler Bassett

Oil on canvas, 25.25" x 30"

15000 - 20000

Signed, dated 1943Provenance: The Estate of Elizabeth "Binnie" Houghton Jane Fowler grew up in Gladstone, New Jersey, graduated from Foxcroft School in Virginia in 1932 and made her debut in New York that winter. In 1934 she married Carroll Bassett, a sculptor, amateur steeplechase jockey, and friend of her brother Anderson. The marriage ended unhappily several years later, but Mrs. Bassett retained her ex-husband's last name for the rest of her life.Voss painted the Fowler and Bassett families on numerous occasions. A portrait of Anderson Fowler is included in this sale. Anderson, or Andy to Jane, purchased the horse he is pictured on from his sister's future husband. To say that the steeplechasing and foxhunting community of the 1930s was close knit might be an understatement.Later in life Jane Fowler Bassett settled in Monkton, Maryland, and hunted with the Elkridge-Harford Hounds. Voss was a regular with the Elkridge-Harford (his brother Ned was the master) and knew Mrs. Bassett well. He included her in a group painting of the 1943 Thanksgiving meeting of the hounds, quite possibly using this painting as a point of reference for the group portrait. Later Mrs. Bassett commissioned Voss to paint a portrait of the Elkridge-Harford Hounds on scent and running over a coop.This composition, with Mrs. Bassett slightly off-center and details of the landscape and foxhunt in the background, was a standard one for Voss and one he developed early in his career. The background in this portrait is more detailed than many of Voss' other portraits, perhaps due to his fondness for the Maryland countryside.


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