29| Henry Stull (American, 1851-1913)

Maid Of Harlem

Oil on canvas, 25" x 30"

10000 - 15000

Signed, dated 1901Owned by Thomas Lister Watt's Osceola Stables, Maid of Harlem won several important races, perhaps the greatest of which was the controversial 25,000 Annual Championship at Sheepshead Bay. The Annual Championship of 1901 was run on the day that President McKinley succumbed to an assassin's bullet. While the nation mourned, Maid of Harlem took home one of the most coveted races of the year. In beating 3-year-old U.S. champion Ethelbert in the Morris Park Handicap, Maid of Harlem cemented her legacy as a top race mare of her day.


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