109| Jean Bernard Lalanne (French, b. 1952)


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Oil on canvas, 31.5" x 47.5"

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The Andalusian pilgrimage of El Roc?o, or the Romeria del Roc?o, takes place annually to honor the Virgin of El Roc?o, the patron saint of Almonte, a town in Huelva, Andalusia. While the celebration itself begins the Sunday before Pentecost, pilgrims typically travel one to seven days beforehand, often on horseback or in horse-drawn wagons. Many consider the travel to be the most important part of the pilgrimage. They wear traditional Andalusian dress ? Flamenco dresses for women and traditional riding costumes for men. The pilgrims take several routes: the Seville way (through the Andalusian capital), the Sanl?car way through C?diz, the plains way through the countryside, and the Mogul way from Huelva. Each route is taken by different religious confraternities carrying their own emblem of the Virgin of El Roc?o. In recent years El Roc?o has brought together nearly a million visitors.


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