74| Richard Stone Reeves (American, 1910-2005)


Oil on board, 13.75" x 11"

12000 - 15000

Signed "Secretariat transcended both the racing and sports worlds. In an age when Vietnam and Watergate had rent American pride and morale, he was a beacon of class, success, and honesty. The political turmoil of the day gave rise to the sardonic remark when he graced the cover of Time that it was the first honest face seen there in a good while." - Richard Stone Reeves, Legends From all perspectives Secretariat was the very essence of the ideal Thoroughbred. He had "box office" appeal like no other horse since Man o' War and drew large crowds wherever he raced. Even non-racing fans were drawn to the track. I don't remember an easier or more rewarding subject to paint. He seemed to enjoy posing. - Richard Stone Reeves, page 104, Belmont Park: A Century of Champions.


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