Set of 3, Little Lady, Young Gladstone, Group

34| Andrew Beer (British, 1862-1954)

Set of 3, Little Lady, Young Gladstone, Group

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Oil on canvas, " x " (2) 12” x 16”, (1) 16” x 24”

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$4000 - $6000

These works portray pigeons owned by Art Wiltshire, who originally owned the paintings. Andrew Beer was a noted pigeon enthusiast and served as a judge of pigeon racing around Bristol, where his studio was located, and a major center of pigeon racing.

“Jack’s Choice,” “Speed Well,” and “Sweet and Lovely”

These birds all won races at Bristol and Durham, and placed second for a £50 Gold Cup. Although current research has not determined which Gold Cup, it would have been a major race similar to, for example, the current Millar Gold Cup, a pigeon race across the length of Ireland.

“Young Gladstone” and “Little Lady”

These two birds painted individually were winners of several different races. As noted in the inscription of the works, Beer himself presented these pieces to Wiltshire, as prizes for their respective races. It was common practice in America and England for the winning owners of animals in stock fairs and other competitions to be awarded a painting of their champion animal.

Full text of all inscriptions is available online.


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