19| Henry Stull (American, 1851-1913)


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Signed, dated 1884

Oil on canvas, 18" x 28"

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$8000 - $10000

Strathspey was foaled in 1878, a son of the great sire Glenelg. His grandsire was none other than the greatest American sire of the 19th century, the mighty Lexington. In 1880, Strathspey raced eight times, and while he hit the board on six of those occasions, he managed only one win. However, in 1881, Strathspey raced 20 times and boasted an impressive record of 6-6-5.

Strathspey was bred by Milton Sanford at the once-renowned Preakness Stud in Lexington, Kentucky—which was subsequently purchased by Daniel Swigert and renamed Elmendorf, parts of which are still intact. Strathspey was purchased by notable turf enthusiast Daniel Dunham Withers, the namesake of the long-standing Withers Stakes, which has been in existence since 1874 and is still run to this day. And while the Withers Stakes is certainly a prestigious race, Sanford has the honor of having one of the jewels of American racing, the Preakness Stakes, named after his famous farm.

Strathspey’s jockey, William Donohue, won all three of the modern-day Triple Crown races, winning the 1876 Belmont Stakes, the 1883 Kentucky Derby, and the 1874 and 1887 Preakness Stakes. Donohue rode some of the greatest horses of his time, ultimately earning enough money to buy some of the horses that he used to ride for others. He ultimately would purchase, train, and ride Strathspey to victory in his own colors. Donohue apparently thought so much of Strathspey that he commissioned Henry Stull, the greatest horse painter of the day, to immortalize the colt with his owner and trainer Perched on Strathspey’s back is his jockey, proudly sporting Donohue’s red and black silks.


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