32| Isidore Jules Bonheur (French, 1827-1901)

Taureau Beuglant (Bellowing Bull)

Auction Expired

Signed, stamped PEYROL

Bronze, 15.5" x 21"

$5000. - $7000.

A complementary piece to Taureau (a charging bull), they were modeled in plaster and exhibited at the Salon of 1865 in Paris. Cast in an edition of three in various sizes, the first cast (on a larger scale) was commissioned by Sultan Abdulaziz of the Ottoman Empire, but current records indicate that he never paid, and it is unknown whether they ever made it to Constantinople. A model in the size offered here was acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, during the artist?s lifetime. Today there are known larger-scale versions of this bronze located at the entrances to Colt State Park, Rhode Island, and Parc Georges Brassens in Paris. Literature: Christopher Payne, Animals in Bronze, Clopton, Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors Club, 1986 Jane Horswell, Bronze Sculpture of ?Les Animaliers,? Clopton, Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors Club, 1971, pages 203 and 204


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