69| LeRoy Neiman (American, 1921-2012)

The Hunt Field

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Signed & inscribed ‘The Hunt Field’ en verso

Oil on board, 6" x 12"

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$9000. - $12000.

Provenance: Hammer Galleries, New York

?The hunt is a stately sport with a leisurely tempo. Man, horse, and nature blend happily, with the emphasis on stamina and ceremony rather than speed. Participants are preferably of good bone and blood. Great respect is paid to senior members, some in their eighties. Their longevity and experience are prized since an understanding of the horse and the terrain is vital for a good hunt. Fox Hunting is not a spectator sport, ranging, as it does, over fields and through woods. It sometimes provides its participants with a full day of social activity, beginning with an early morning hunt breakfast and culminating nearly twenty-four hours later with a hunt ball that can last until dawn.?


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