The Quorn Hunt, 1913

18| Anthony John Moore (British, 1852-1915)

The Quorn Hunt, 1913

Auction Expired

Signed, inscribed, dated 1913

Oil on canvas, 20" x 30"

Auction Expired because there were no bids

$3,000 - $5,000

Possibly the United Kingdom's most famous hunt, the Quorn Hunt was founded in 1696, making it one of the world's oldest foxhunting packs.

Most likely depicting a scene a few years before 1913, the work depicts the future King George V when he was still the Prince of Wales. Mrs. Carrington-West would be Jennie Jerome, the mother of Winston Churchill and daughter of American sportsman and financier Leonard Jerome. At the time she was married to George Cornwallis-West. Also depicted is Rupert Carrington, the 4th Baron Carrington.


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