122| Susie Whitcombe (British, b. 1957)

Trotting On The Grey, Wickham Horse Fair

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Oil on board, 10" x 13"

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$2000. - $3000.

Notable as the birthplace of William of Wykeham, the founder of Winchester College and New College, Oxford, the small village of Wickham in Hampshire has a rich history dating back to Roman times. After the Norman Conquest a church was established and the manor gifted to a loyal subject of King William. In 1269 a descendant, Roger de Scures, was granted a charter by King Henry III to hold a weekly market and thus Wickham, as it is known today, and its associated horse fair were established. Held annually on May 20, Wickham Fair is one of two English horse fairs that can trace its roots to the 13th century. Bareback parades with ponies decorated in ribbons and regalia dominate the event attended by Romany horse traders from all over the country. Today, modern fair rides accompany the festivities. Romany cobs are tied up outside what used to be the local pub in anticipation for their turn on the running track, where buyers gather to view the selection and partake in the drink and merriment associated with the historic fair.


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