Visa (Copper and Chrome)

127| Jamie Corum (American, b. 1973)

Visa (Copper and Chrome)

Auction Expired

Signed, inscribed, dated 2022 verso

Oil on canvas, 47" x 60"

Auction Expired because there were no bids

$6,000 - $9,000

?Visa was a giant among my earliest memories of exceptional horses. He made a deep impact on me when I first started riding at age 12. A copper-penny chestnut with plenty of chrome, Visa was my trainer?s horse and I idolized him completely. They were competing together at the Advanced Level of eventing at the time. Athletic and handsome, Visa was an ?Old School? type of Thoroughbred, long and lean, nearly 17 hands tall. I remember he had a walk like a Jaguar, and floating gaits all around, making those lucky enough to sit on him seem like something royal and a little bit sexy. Most of all I remember his intelligent eye, which often took that imperious look seen in horses who know their worth and only deign to cooperate with their humans because it pleases them.?


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