35| 20th Century European (European, 1900-1999)

Welcome To The Winner’s Circle, Jameson Irish Whiskey

Auction Expired

Signed w/ monogram inscribed ‘KM’

Oil on canvas laid down on board, 47" x 35"

Auction Expired because there were no bids

$6000. - $9000.

An advertisement by Jameson, possibly under the direction of S.H. Benson Advertising Agency. While monogrammed with a KM, current research has not identified the artist. The Irish Tourism Commission and Jameson teamed up in the 1930s to advertise and this was possibly part of that campaign. The work depicts the Irish-bred Arctic Prince and makes note of his victory at Epsom in 1951. At 28-to-1 odds in a field of 33, Arctic Prince finished six lengths ahead of the field with Chuck Spares up.


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